2014-15 Negotiations

2014-15 Negotiations

Tentative Bargaining Agreement Summary

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Proposed Changes:
2% COLA as of 07/01/14
Upgrade Kaiser Permanente Benefits
$15.00 office visit co-pay, $15.00 Rx co-pay
The buy-up plan will be eliminated
(The current plan is $30.00 office visit, $10.00 generic Rx, $30.00 brand-name Rx)
Effective 10-1-2014
Upgrade Vision Plan from MES to VSP
Exam, Lenses and Frames every 12 months
$20.00 co-pay
Effective 10-1-2014
Add Minimum Value PPO Plan*
(An optional lower-cost insurance plan for those who have to a pay a portion of their health insurance premium, in accordance with the Affordable Health Care Act)
Change Long-Term Sick Leave Option from 5-month Differential Pay Leave to 100-day 50% Salary Pay Leave*
Clarify contract language for retiree benefits regarding buy-up plans for healthcare*
Voting will take place:
Thursday, July 10th
Room 1A at City Centre
10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Absentee Ballots can be obtained from Daríe Wright, SOSCA Director of Negotiations, at dawright@kern.org. Employees located at City Centre, Larry E. Reider Education Center and the Access Center must be scheduled for leave time in order to be eligible for an absentee ballot.
Minimum Value PPO Plan
Classified 100 Day – 50% Pay Option
Retiree Medical Draft *REVISED*


  • January 25th – General Meeting @ 12:00p by Google Meet
  • February 4th – Site Rep Meeting @ 3:00p by Google Meet
  • March 16th – Lunchtime Presentation @ 12:00p by Zoom
    • Presenter – Robin Paggi
    • Topic – Resume & Interview Building Training

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