Member Spotlight

We’ve created “SOSCA Spotlight” in the hopes of expanding your knowledge of who SOSCA is while celebrating the diversity of our membership.


Who is SOSCA board member Amanda Cruz-Ardoin?

Job Title/Department:  School Secretary-Bilingual/Student Services

Position on SOSCA Board:  Director of By-Laws

How long have you been with KCSOS?  8 years

Why did you want to be a Board Member for SOSCA?  Initially, my interest in the SOSCA Board was fueled by my desire to serve my fellow classified employees in the same manner SOSCA has helped me. Furthermore, I have been curious about the inner-workings of our union, and how I can serve an active role..

What have you learned about SOSCA that you didn’t know before?  My most impactful experience with KCSOS has been interacting with the multitude of people who devote their lives to the success of their colleagues. They provide support for those in need, contractual upholding, and scholarship opportunities for the education of its members.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?  My recreation time is replete with family moments. From exciting road trips to weekend bike rides, my girls keep my life active and adventurous. Pursuing my career goals through higher education fill my remaining hours outside of KCSOS.

We’ve created “SOSCA Spotlight–Board Member Edition” in the hopes of expanding your knowledge of who SOSCA is while celebrating the hard work and dedication of our Board Members.

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  • The Objectives of this Organization are to:

    • Provide its members with duly authorized representation for the purpose of protecting and improving their rights under the Merit System.
    • To settle disputes between employee and employer arising from grievances as they apply to the Merit System, and
    • To provide the communication vehicle between employee and employer.