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CalPERS – Reform Act of 2013

A summary of changes to PERS benefits for New Members.

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The Segal Group, Inc. hosted a seminar on January 22, 2013, for all SISC districts addressing this topic. Points of interest:

  • There is no direct responsibility to employers in the law regarding former employees or retirees.
  • A plan for a retiree does not have to extend coverage to dependents up to age 26.
  • The eligibility to receive the offer of adequate coverage is now 90 days, not 3 months.
  • The law does not fully define “adequate” coverage.
  • Insurance rates cannot be increased due to health conditions.
  • SISC will have to pay a comparative effectiveness fee of $1 per person and a re-
    insurance fee of $63 per person for at least three years.
  • Benefits will be included on the 2012 W-2 Form.
  • For purposes of the AHCA a full time employee is 30 or more hours per week. School districts can only measure during the time that school district is working.
  • There are special rules for employees on leave.

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  • The Objectives of this Organization are to:

    • Provide its members with duly authorized representation for the purpose of protecting and improving their rights under the Merit System.
    • To settle disputes between employee and employer arising from grievances as they apply to the Merit System, and
    • To provide the communication vehicle between employee and employer.