• The Objectives of this Organization are to:

    • Provide its members with duly authorized representation for the purpose of protecting and improving their rights under the Merit System.
    • To settle disputes between employee and employer arising from grievances as they apply to the Merit System, and
    • To provide the communication vehicle between employee and employer.

Congratulation to All of our Scholarship Winners!

At our 2014 October General Meeting (on Thursday, October 23), nearly $2,000 in book scholarships were awarded to five SOSCA members and three SOSCA family members.

The following SOSCA members received $300 each:

  1. Debbie Jackson
  2. Blanca Parada
  3. Esperanza Romero
  4. Hilda Tabora
  5. Carmen Velez

The following family members received $150 each:

  1. Jade Jimenez
  2. Natalia Perez
  3. Miriam Rodriguez

Congratulations–and good luck–to all of our scholarship winners!

The Scholarship Committee was made up of Monica Fetalvero (chair), Doug Taylor and Elizabeth Velasco Ramirez
(left to right) Monica Fetalvero, Carmen Velez, Esperanza Romero, Blanca Parada, Elena Perez (for Natalia Perez), Debbie Jackson and Miriam Rodriguez. Not pictured:  Hilda Tabora, Jade Jimenez and Natalia Perez.
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Would you like a chance to win a fantastic gift card?!

All you have to do is join us for a SOSCA General Meeting to be entered into a drawing to win one of five gift cards. Want two chances to win? Become a SOSCA site rep! Site reps who attend General Meetings are entered into a special drawing for a $25 gift card.

Our 2014 October General Meeting winners were (in the order they’re pictured):

  1. Monica Fetalvero – Site Rep Drawing – $25 Target gift card
  2. Christina Rosales – $25 Visa
  3. Debbie Jackson – $15 Cold Stone
  4. Lourdes Santamaria – $15 Sequoia Sandwich
  5. Blanca Parada – $25 Red Lobster
  6. Esperanza Romero – $50 Visa

The next general meeting is Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 5 p.m. in Room 1A, City Centre.

For information about becoming a site rep, visit the site reps page.


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October’s Lunch Time Presentation


If you missed the presentation, click here.

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Voting Results (from 7/10/14)

The SOSCA ballots have been counted, and the Collective Bargaining Agreement has passed, with 236 “Yes” vote and 3 “No” votes.

The changes include:

  •  2% salary increase, effective 07-1-2014
  •  Eliminate the Kaiser $30 copay plan; continue to offer Kaiser $15 copay as an HMO option (effective 10-1-14)
  •  Revert back to VSP (C $20 copay) plan from current MES (C $20 copay) vision plan (effective 10-1-14)
  •  Add Minimum Value PPO Plan (lower cost medical plan option)
  •  Change Extended Sick Leave Option from 5-month Differential (sub dock) to 100 Day/50% pay sick leave
  •  Clarify contract language for retiree benefits regarding buy-up options for medical benefits

The SOSCA board would like to extend their gratitude to all of the members who came out and voted.

The 2014 – 2015 SOSCA Negotiations Team includes:
Darie Wright, Internal Business Services
Kathy Couch, Health Benefits Amanda
Cruz-Ardoin, North Kern Community School
Lettie LeMay, Special Education Services
Leslie Lund, Workers’ Compensation
Elena Perez, Payroll, Retirement Unit

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Tentative Bargaining Agreement Summary

Curious? Click here.

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SOSCA Hosts Vendor Table at Richardson Center’s 5k Family Fun Run


Our own Sarah Tierce participated in the event. Way to go!

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Congrats to our January General Meeting Winners!

These folks won a combined $165 just for coming to the meeting! Come to the May General Meeting (5/15/2014) for your chance to win.


(l-r) Corey Eby, Martha Benavides, Carlos Lara, Maria Madrigal-Haynes, Kay Henry & Patricia Croxton

And the winners are…

  • $25 VISA – Martha Benavides – Community Learning Center (Site Rep drawing)
  • $15  Starbucks – Corey Eby – Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability
  • $25 Movie Card – Carlos Lara – Community Connection for Child Care
  • $25 Target Card – Maria Madrigal-Haynes Kern County Consortium
  • $25 Texas Rhode House Grill – Kay Henry – Internal Business
  • $50 VISA – Patricia Croxton – CalSTRS Client Outreach and Guidance Services
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No Voting Necessary for 2014 SOSCA Board

Nominations were solicited for the five (5) SOSCA Board positions coming open January 2014. None of the positions had more than one member running, therefore eliminating the need for voting.

The following four (4) positions were unopposed and therefore filled by the incumbents:
1)       Director of Negotiations – Darie Wright
2)       Director of Public Relations – Michelle Palmer-Dickinson
3)       Director of Grievance – Pete Cook
4)       Vice President – Leslie Lund

The remaining position received only one nomination and, by default, goes to that nominee:
5)       Director of Membership – Sarah Tierce

SOSCA – Protecting the Rights of Classified Staff for Over 25 Years!JoinSOSCA.org

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2013 October General Meeting Winners!

2013 General Meeting Winners_sm

(left to right)  Rhonda Langley ($25 movie gift card), Miriam Sanchez ($25 Roadhouse Grill gift card), Karen Brown ($10 Sequoia Sandwich gift card), Toni Williams (Site Rep $25 pre-paid Mastercard), Kerri Sherwood ($15 Subway gift card), and Martha Benavides ($50 pre-paid Visa)

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Votes are in…

TO:                 All Staff

FROM:           Christine Lizardi Frazier

SUBJECT:     Negotiations Results

I am pleased to report the successful conclusion of negotiations with our two employee associations.  Before I get into the specifics, I want to extend my sincere appreciation to your representatives from SOSCA and KCEA for a professional, collaborative and open process.

As KCSOS implements the new Local Control Funding Formula, it was important to take the time necessary to understand how this will affect our budgets in future years.  In addition, continued increases in benefit costs mean that all of us must be prudent in our spending and cautious about future revenues.  That said, I am pleased to report the following results, which were supported overwhelmingly by nearly all KCSOS employees.  These results apply to all permanent Classified, Certificated and Management staff:

  • All permanent Classified, Certificated and Management staff will receive a 3% salary increase retroactive to July 1, 2013.  The retroactive pay will appear in employees’ September 30, 2013 paycheck;
  • For 2013-14, KCSOS will cover 100% of the increase to benefit costs.  Beginning in the 2014-2015 & 2015-2016 years, KCSOS will cover any cost increases up to 3% unless otherwise negotiated or if negotiations are not completed by October 1, 2014.

Please note that Payroll & HR staff will only be able to answer questions about the COLA payment after October 1, 2013 as staff will be working hard between now and then to calculate and process the pay rate changes for all permanent KCSOS employees.  We appreciate your patience during the next few weeks and remind you that your COLA payment will appear on your September pay statement.

I am so proud of KCSOS employees and your dedication to the students and school districts we serve and am pleased to be able to provide a pay increase that recognizes your efforts over the past several years.  Thank you for your unwavering dedication as “advocates for children”!


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